Friday, July 14, 2006

Walking on the moon. Giant steps we take, happy and carefree... thats how love should be.

In the grime of the world - walking like two bouncy helium baloons.

In the mire that has been the past. In the moments when I turn jaded cool again.

Remind me - daisies in your hair... daisies in your hair... daisies in you hair and your squinting eyes. Head in my lap.

Giant steps as we float along. As we float along...

Maybe it is tough or maybe I am a hysterical overly complicater.

Maybe I won't know till things always get beyond me... But you'll be there to tell me that I should tell you before it gets to that stage. Sage.

You need to tell me once in a way. No, not even show and tell. Just tell.

I'm yours. Like a bar of chocolate that needn't be shared. Like that huge piece of wood you're waiting to carve - and yes sweetheart, summer's here.

Daisies in your hair and I'm wearing no underwear! (hee)

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