Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Such is homesickness.

I never thought of myself as the typical desi - go figure... But here I sit in grey morning. Searched and found - google gods are smiling. My searches finished and now I listen to songs I used to be forced into tolerating at Uni back home. FORCED - all those regional no story movie lines and songs I cud never see myself singing. Now *smiles* I avidly keep up "yennuka ur girlfirend venumma da!" (i want a girlfriend man!)

My younger cooler brother still on mother soil would shudder in this utter un-coolness.

Sigh - as you age you miss your youth they say *winks*

To all the only girls dance fests outside the canteen (yes you chennai loafers can still keep drooling outside the gates manned by Our favourite guard. Smile at him to get out, but them boys could never follow us in) - My Salaams.

All you classmates, batchmates, alumni - check out -

Also / Tambien / Aur all you FOB (lingo you learn - fresh off the boat!) people.

So - Boom Boom in Adnan Sami's lovely style... Shake it for me.

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