Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2:16 am

what the hell am i doing bloggin? saving my sanity... U2 playing. how many songs for New York. Yes I know you write one too.

I shall kneel on pavement and stare at the square bit of sky between buildings. I shall shuffle past birds and people... And I shall hum my own tune for you.

But for now - I shall go home. I shall meet family before I leave yet again... Before I leave yet again.

When there is a horizon to get to... Witch Oil Water, Dust Fired Earth all drawn up measured against skyline... Travels never ending.

I travels never ending.

Bead anklet and silver celtic toe ring... Jeans. Passport. Train.

But before I am old I shall taste your life liquid lust - New York, what I want you to be in my mind. Will you dissappoint me? Or will my hopes be etched on every bit of your face...

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