Saturday, July 01, 2006

News: This blog has been bought out by Gargoyle Grins ! However due to aptness of fit this blog will still be written under it's present name. I am sad to inform you that the equal partner of this project has seemingly gotten bored of it already.

*This might be because his works are more of the natural media kind - check Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore for what this creative boy has up his sleeve yet to be unleashed on common folk like us. His are more than what you see on the websites*

I hugged a Henry Moore... *smiles* This one infact:

(will post pic - tryin damn hard to find it - worsht situ i'll get one this weekend when i'm bound to eat at the Sainsbury Centre... such a lazy cook!)

For S:

"Now the SLOTH is both unhurried
And affects a fearful frown.
This is not because he's worried
But because he's upside down.

If passer-by inverts him,
It is patent, in a while,
That the strange position hurts him,
For the Sloth begins to smile."

*such genius - Alphabeasts*

*if only Quentin Blake would settle down with me and draw my children things to dream about*

In avid search of image files. phooey.


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