Monday, November 13, 2006

For more than 2 yrs (?) more (?) I haven’t been religion tolerant. I have shunned all links to “it”. Not enjoyed stained glass and staircases in churches like I used to. Haven’t stepped into temples willingly. Haven’t thought of exploring homes of gods. Haven’t read that of spiritual or godly knowledge.

You suddenly force my hand, sending me on a childish mission – a small verse in the bible. I have to know your entire message and unthinkingly ask for the book and page number. Gladly handed to me by another.

For a second I look back on years passed without a daily dosage of religion in my life. Not barren nor missed – just absent. TV and music taking its place. Book with those 3 lines seems tad heavier just now. Silly. I do read the verse you send – I read it and become just what you want the message to state I am. My shoulders are yours to burden, my embrace always as it has been a shelter. You in turn are my sanity, my innocence and my saviour too.

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