Saturday, November 18, 2006

Aha – Analogue.

Another song they sing, sings true – “Summer moved on, and the way it goes – you can’t tag along. Honey moved out and the way it went – leaves no doubt.”

So a month dies and I am on the move soon again. Leaving always kills a part of my heart – it now beats on 5 continents with different people. So I hope I have a whole heartedness because I carry a piece of yours and yours and yours and yours.

My laptop has been resuscitated. IT IS ALIVE! Hee. So I type. German techno is good stuff! Wolfsheim – Once in a lifetime. (corny lyrics so rule!)

Will try and put on the songs soon!

“Standing here on the shores of destiny – I am feeling lonely. Calm down my heart, don’t beat so fast, don’t be afraid just once in a lifetime.”

Ps: clubbin this evening – Play “Swahili – English Reggaeton”!!!

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ElsaSchneider said...

Summer moved on: Right, 0C°, air smells like snow, arrival was shockingly cold, although I rather take the winter right now.. summer moved on, eventually. Even more happy I am, to be one PieceOfPartHeart of Yours :-) Once in a lifetime - that it was; at least WHERE it was.. over and out, thx, and thx no other month has to be killed until we'll see. Sea *seigh* ;-) [Glad to finally read this blog - didn't dare to at DreamWorld, would'nt want to, being annoyed and agressive hihi.]

Hugs from the nicely smelling coffeemaker with THE chest! ;-)

I'll wave my wooden leg across the channel, :-*