Sunday, December 17, 2006

On the road again… Comparing capital cities, same to same. Their tip top clubs, their made up faces – all real lives. Just different. I thrive on the coast – lazy days (hakuna haraka), slow paces and yet a full life. Lamu – I am in love. Yes M I know you are too. Said my goodbyes. Kissed some lovers who still are, didn’t kiss one – circumstances dictate personal distances. I have cried cuz I have missed you and missed out on having you closer.

You know who you are…

But maybe we’ll meet again and have the time of our lives then. Maybe most dreams do come true. I am different and yet the same from years before. Grown up? Possibly. I must admit – naivety has fled. Will download songs soon:

The knife
Melisa ferrick

Innocence remains in a candid smile and a hopelessly in love kiss.

Will be posting more often now that laptop and internet can be accessed. Listening to Aha. Why did I think this was “mommy’s time” music…? Mum?? Missing most people I know loads. Yet still young enough to go ahead and make new lives. Such good luck. Will be job hunting (do I hear an echo of – wake up n smell the coffee??). Will be fun – one hopes. One does only hope I guess. And try like hell.

Life come to me.

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