Monday, January 22, 2007

for hanne barb and all those lovely lovely folk who have adored this man's attempt at pure genius!


ElsaSchneider said...

You made my day!
Feel like watching some episodes now - man, how much I loved this CAR!! Trans Am. *seufz*
Having a looking-for-freedom-loop this evening now :-)
Thanks for reminding me. Thought about it a couple of times since we've talked about it, but always forgot.
Might remember our choreography now hihi
What a shame you're too young for this series hehe ;-) (Are you?) some muscels in my arm... lalalalala.... dawn to dawn..... FREEEEEEEDOM!!!!

Hanne goes British said...

Ami sweetness,

no-one can blame me, I was just 5 years old when that guy was giving his reunification-yeay-the-wall's-come-down-concert in Germany wearing a LIGHTBULB-jacket.
Also not all German cd-shops have David Hasselhoff-SECTIONS (Matthew!! No!!).

Will send this link to Tini though, she's mad about the song. She even got me dancing to 'I been looking...' in one of our coolest clubs one night (nb: it was trash night, that's why they were playing it:) Completely ruined our reputation that night, didn't we;-)

PS: waiting for promised long mail:-) Huggs!